Saturday, February 13, 2010


once upon a time..
on 13th february 1987 a princess was born..
name nurhidayah..

today is my 23rd charming gorgeous burfday..
happy birthday girl..
hurmmm dh tue rasa nya..
but its okay..baru 23tahun..

yesterday i received special gift from my dear..
it is a gift by marciano..
i loike..

my dear buat surprise..
i was told that he had no money to celebrate & buy anything for me..
mula2 nk merajuk jgk..
tp tibe2 gotcha!!

he gave me burfday card and sweet luvly purse..
he really drive me like crazy..
my wish for my 23rd burfday of course to finish my studies and...
get married and be with him forever..

on my burfday..
me n my family went to thai kitchen pj..
we had our lunch there..
we celebrate my burfday together..
thanks mum..
thanks dad..
for being my inspiration..
always give me supports with ur love n care..
i'm proud to have both of u as my parents
i will always pray that M n D will live longer with me forever
and i'll do cherish both of u for the rest of my life..

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